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Patient Education

Patient education plays an important part in your recovery. Your nurse, dietitian, therapist or pharmacist may give you information to help you understand and cope with your condition. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you have about your condition.

CalvertHealth Medical Center has a cancer resource center in the outpatient concourse near the infusion therapy center. Breast cancer patients can also contact our breast cancer nurse navigator by calling the Center for Breast Care at x4700.

Heart Failure Survival Guide

Helping You Take Charge of Your Health

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Guide

Helping You Take Charge of Your Health

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Diabetes Education

CalvertHealth is dedicated to improving the lives of patients and their families through diabetes self-management practices.

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GetWell Inpatient™ is an Interactive Patient Care System that educates and engages . GetWellNetwork provides patients with relevant information on nearly every service line, diagnosis and procedures. The educational material is available in English and Spanish. Patients and their families are able to view the educational material at any time. There are currently over 150 health videos available.

Facts About GetWellNetwork:

  • Helps nurses educate their patients with diagnosis specific videos. (Patients are able to view educational videos on demand).
  • Videos are only 1.5-5 minutes long.
  • Allows patients to view and learn about their current medications.
  • Helps patients to be actively involved in their care.
  • Empowers patients with the knowledge tools they need to better care for themselves after discharge.
  • Allows the patient to compliment a staff member.

Patient Whiteboards

To enhance communication between providers, patients and families, CalvertHealth Medical Center has installed expanded whiteboards in all medical-surgical rooms. Studies tell us that communication plays a key role in patients having a “good” experience; is essential to keeping them well informed and contributes significantly to better clinical outcomes.

Our whiteboards are situated so that patients can clearly see them from their bed. The hospital’s clinical staff collaborated to determine the most important information to include. Each patient’s board clearly lists their caregivers, their care plan for the day and if any tests are scheduled.

There is also space for the family spokesperson’s name and a meal plan that identifies any food allergies. A special section is devoted to pain management that details when the last dose of pain medication was given, when the next dose is available and a numeric chart for the patient to assess their pain level.

The whiteboards serve as a handy reference for patients and family members. Our goal is to help them feel more connected with the providers. This way, their entire care team is all on the same page and everyone is working together to give our patients the best care possible.
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